Candy Dish, Depression, Floral

I’ve shown this pattern before, in the clear and in the iridescent.  This is real pretty – I hope the photo adequately shows the attractiveness of the contrasting red/yellow.  I’d never seen this colour combination in Iris before.

Glass Menagerie gives a good precis of this pattern.  They say, “It should be noted that around 1946, a few Iris pieces turned up in crystal, decorated with Gold and Red.  This color tended to wear badly and finding these pieces still with good color is difficult.  The line was called “Corsage” and was styled by Century.   A period of little production followed until the 1970’s when Jeannette reproduced some of their old line in crystal, flashed with different colors.  Again, these colors wore off.   A good example is the candy dish bottom only that was flashed with red, yellow, blue or green color and refired.  These candy bases are easily distinquished from the original as they lack the “rayed” base pattern and have no covers.”  Read the full description, at their site, it’s quite informative.  My dish is actually in very good shape with little colour loss.  Just lucky I guess!  I saw the Coronet recently.  It was quite worn.  Hard to say what it was like when new, but I didn’t think it was as pretty as this piece.

I bought this dish on the weekend for $5.00.  I think I’ll use it, along with the iridescent sandwich dish, on the deck this summer.  Nice, pretty, on-the-deck-entertaining-ware.

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