Unknown Line with Lotus Glass’ Springtime Etch


Cocktail Glass, Etched Glass, Liquor Glass, Plate Etched, Springtime

I picked a set of these pretty glasses up at Ontario Mall Antiques in Rochester, N.Y.

I am not knowledgeable enough to identify the maker of this glass.  I think there were a number of companies that produced lines with the ‘ballerina’ stem.  This glass has a medium-large subtle optic and is decorated with Lotus’ Glass’ Springtime etch.

It is likely a liquor or cocktail glass standing at 6 3/8 inches and with a diameter of 6 1/8 inches.

The etch is pretty with lots of details – lady blowing a horn/trumpet, a cherub, flowers, foliage and scrollwork.


Pretty Blue Bowl – Pyrex?


Blue Glass, Bowl, Colored Glass, Coloured Glass

I love the colour of this blue bowl.  It is hard to tell, but it is close to a Robin’s egg blue.  It is not delphite, the colour is obviously (I think) painted on.  It has no markings.

I’ve not seen one with this exact shade and have no idea if it is a Pyrex bowl or not.  Afraid I don’t know anything about Pyrex/Fire-King at all and have very few reference materials.

I assume that the rim, shape of the bowl and shape of the foot would be all someone in the know would need to identify this bowl.  If anyone knows, I would be grateful to have the information.