Val St Lambert – Theodule in Amber


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I bought the attractive glasses at the Twindmills Market in Colborne.  I have had my eyes on them for a long time.  We stop there regularly on the way to and from visiting the grandkids in Belleville.

Walked in the other day and the vendor had a great table full of amber glass on sale.  These, and two candlesticks, became mine!

I had been looking for them for ages, but as the song says……..”looking in all the wrong places!”

I posted them on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook group and someone had identified them in a very short time.

The pattern is called Theodule and they were made by Val. St. Lambert.  I know nothing about this company and would never have identified these pieces without help.  From Wikipedia –

Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian crystal glassware manufacturer, founded in 1826 and based in Seraing. It has the royal warrant of King Albert .”

The company is still in operation –

I found these items online and if various posters are accurate, these pieces were produced during the 1950s.

Don’t know if they would be wines or water goblets.  But they are a great colour of amber and very arresting looking.


Update to……………….and now for something different – the ad for Heisey Empress Water Goblet


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I came across the ad recently.  It is still in a mailing tube in a closet.  I never did frame it.  However, I no longer have any pieces of Heisey with this etch.  I never could find water goblets to match the two that I owned and I finally sold those as well.

These are still favoured pieces however.  I either need to sell the ad or go on the hunt for new stems!


October 30, 2014

There are lots of online shops that sell old advertising.  I’ve looked at ads on and off for years.  But I came across this one recently.  As I’ve said – I love this etch so I decided to buy this.  I will frame it and put on my office wall, close to shelves of glass.


September 8, 2014

Last one (for the moment).  A 10 ounce footed tumbler in the Heisey green – Moongleam.  Very nice.Heisey Empress Tumbler Moongleam (3)







September 6, 2014

Heisey Sahara Empress sherberts (2)I DID find another piece in the Sahara.  Here is the sherbert.

Very pretty.Heisey Sahara Empress sherberts (4)










First Update to the original post  August 24, 2014

Heisey Empress Etch Cordial Sahara (2)I would have loved to make this ‘my etch’ but in the intervening years I have been enable to acquire any additional water goblets.  I missed one on ebay a few weeks ago – forgot to check the bid – boy was I cross!  I did pick up this little beauty recently.

This is Heisey’s #3380 Old Dominion blank in the Sahara colour.  Heisey Empress Etch Cordial SaharaThere is a one ounce cordial, a 2 1/2 ounce wine and a 3 ounce cocktail glass.  I haven’t measured it yet, but I am guessing that it is the wine.

This is my first, hopefully not last, piece in the Sahara.  Very pretty.

This still COULD be ‘my pattern’.


Original August 16, 2012 post.

I saw this etch at the Heisey Museum.  Of course everything there is housed behind glass.  I wanted to see the pattern up close so I acquired two water goblets online recently.  Very pretty.

I wondered – could this be *My* etch – the one that I will collect?  but, while I admire it, I don’t think this is *The* one.  I do want to buy at least two more glasses though.

Heisey Mint Dish – Line 1229 – Octagon – with Hughes Corn Flower Cutting in Hawthorne


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I have only ever had one other piece in Hawthorne.  I actually prefer this colour to the pink Flamingo.  I have never had, or seen in person, a piece in Alexandrite, so don’t know what that looks like.  Photos show a pretty shade.

This little mint dish was found in the ‘wilds’ of Cambridge, Ontario.  I always wonder why pieces end up where they do.