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Even though Cleo STILL isn’t a favourite etch, I like this piece.  I think it is the decorative base that makes it appealing, and of course the pretty colour.

This is the underplate for a bowl of some sort I think – line #3077.



Update January 11, 2016

Back from beautiful, hot and sunny Jamaica.  It was nice to arrive home to a parcel.  Another addition to my collection of acid etched Victorianera tumblers.  I must get it photographed soon.

I picked this little stem up locally.  I have to admit that I have not grown any fonder of this etch than I was almost four years ago, although the colour and the shape make it more appealing to me.Cambridge Cleo Pink (3)

I should have noted in 2012, that this etch is #744. This particular shape is line #3077. The entire glass is shaded in Cambridge’s pink which was called Peach-Blo (1925-1934) or Dianthus Pink (1934-1943).







Originally written – April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool’s Day.  So many of us are ‘fools’ to some sort of obsession, aren’t we?  Luckily this one is not an unhealthy addiction – just space consuming!

I don’t know what is odder – the fact that I don’t like all of the etches that I own, or that fact that I am surprised by that.

No one likes everything of any one thing.  Yet I’m still amazed when I don’t fancy an etch.  Thus it is with Cleo.  I bought these stems recently on ebay.  I’m not exactly sure of their purpose.  I have the book – The Cambridge Glass Co.: Cambridge, Ohio – 1930-1934  and the etch is pictured, but not this stem.  In any case they are not large, likely sherries, at a guess.

I had never seen this etch in the flesh and wanted to do so……so I bought the glasses.  It’s what I consider a ‘masculine’ etch.  I don’t much fancy the blank either – the shape just doesn’t appeal to me.  Having said all that, I’m always glad for the chance to actually see them ‘live’.  These stems came in a number of colours – amber, blue, green, pink and yellow, as well as the crystal.  Perhaps I’d like it better in colour!  Someday someone will come by the house and admire them…and then they will find a new home!!!!

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