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This line is different again – more like the earlier stems I owned.









September 1, 2016

Came across these water goblets while I was in the USA.  They have the same etch, although the stem is different.  Replacements.com





identifiesthe etch as “Victoria” not Victory.Bohemia Victoria Goblet (4)

Given that the stem is different I wonder if the pattern is still the same.  Likely just a variation between Czech glass houses using the same design.

If any one knows, please share the info!




From February 17, 2014

Picked up these two champagne flutes recently.  At first I thought they were a match to another etch I have.  Check out the details on the Bohemia Victory Champagnes (5) D’Arques wine glasses with the Dampiere etch.  Very similar.  Heisey also has an etch – Osage – that has similar details as well.

In any event the stems were the first clue, and the a closer look was the second clue.Bohemia Victory Champagnes (3)

I still don’t know any more about the provenance of these stems.  But they are pretty.











Original January 15, 2012 post.

Bohemia Victory Brandy I bought three snifters recently at a local antique shop.  I have only seen this etch on the Replacements, Ltd. site –  www.replacements.com.  They didn’t have any stems for sale at the time and I don’t see the pattern there any longer. If you haven’t seen this site before,  definitely take a look.  It indexes literally tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of patterns of china, silver, crystal, etc.  I have one of their publications that provides sketches of etches.  It took me awhile to track this etch down, but it appeared to be the same as the etch that had been identified as Bohemia’s Victory etch.  I don’t know much about Bohemia Crystal but I believe that they were/are imports from Czecholoslovakia.  Some of their patterns are quite common.  I also had some pretty sherry stems that were shaped like small flute champagnes.   A friendly ebayer emailed some details of the crystal as it was her wedding pattern.  I somehow deleted that message, big dolt, but would love to hear from someone else who knows more about it.  They are very dainty.

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