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bohemia-thistle-pitcher-1I have seen, as mentioned below, quite a number of pieces of stemware, with two types of stems.  One straight and one with wafers.  I have plates that sit beneath stemware, and I have seen decanters and the bowl below.  However this pitcher was a first for me.

I don’t know what its intended use was.  I am thinking that it was used to mix and pour cocktails.  I can see it sitting elegantly on a tray with a swizzle stick and fancy coloured beverages in it.  Very luxe!


———————————————————————————————————June 8, 2014

Bohemia Thistle Salad Bowl (3)I have seen quite a number of pieces with the Thistle etch, mostly stemware, but I had never seen a bowl.  It is salad bowl sized.

The location of this purchase stymies me right this second, but it is a recent acquisition.  The clarity of the glass, given the size, and its shape, make it quite attractive.

Over the years that I have been selling glass, I have sold more of this pattern, than any other.  I think it was popular in Canada twenty to thirty years ago.  I have often had customers comment that this was their wedding set twenty years ago.Bohemia Thistle Salad Bowl (2)

It occurs to me that I will sell this some day, but actually have no idea where it is!  Must put on thinking cap and find it.







Original August 24, 2013 Post

Bohemia Thistle Open Champagnes (3)During our recent Niagara jaunt we went into an antique store in Fort Erie (in the Crystal Beach area).  It has been in the process of closing for two years and everything was 50% off!  With a sign like that, how could one not go in!  I was surprised to see these pieces of Thistle.  The stems on the pieces below are called ‘wafer’.  These pieces have a very delicate looking thin stem and of course the bowl is a different shape.Bohemia Thistle Open Champagnes (4)

I find this line interesting.  So many pieces in various iterations.

Original posting – March 8, 2012

I have had many pieces of this pattern.  In fact the snifters were among the first pieces I bought for myself – from a place in Port Hope.  I’ve had flutes, open champagnes, decanters, snifters, jam jar and cordials.  I think that’s all.  I sold these particular items to a colleague.  Very pretty, although I personally prefer champagne flutes to the open saucers.  Don’t know why.  I guess they seem more elegant to me.  Also, less tippy I think!   Although I’ve come across this pattern a number of times, it is fairly easy to sell the pieces, if you are so inclined.  I’m looking for some wine stems for someone else.

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