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I don’t know anything about Pyrex – zip, nothing, nada!  I rarely purchase it, although I am fascinated by the array of colours, shapes and designs that Pyrex has come in.  Everyone has owned a piece of Pyrex sometime in their life.

There are a number of Pyrex sites/groups on Facebook.  I joined one for awhile, but since Pyrex isn’t a great interest, I dropped out of the group.  But likely great sources of info for someone else.

I was attracted to these little bowls as I do like restaurantware.  I like the heavier pieces of glass and I am guessing that the intended purpose for these pieces was to be used in a restaurant or heavy use setting.  Hence the ‘Double Ware’ name!  But, who knows, I could be completely off base?  If someone does know more about the history of these nappies, please share.

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