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The etch and gold on this piece are spectacular.  I have never had many (if any) pieces with decorations by Wheeler and I am very appreciative of the beauty and workmanship on this piece.  I also like the name.  I love the bright yellow, cheerful Coreopsis in my own garden.  Unfortunately ferns never seem to do well in my yard.  I don’t understand it as I always assume that anything that runs rampant in the forest should be easy to grow!

I don’t know who made the plate.  It is pink and is an underplate for a bowl of some sort.  I haven’t tried to find out, but I guess I should, for interest sake.

I have the book – Wheeling Decorating Co. by James L. Webster.  It has lots of beautiful photos and information.  A great buy for anyone looking to identify decorations on their own pieces.

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