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This covered dish was manufactured by Hobbs, Brockunier & Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, sometime in the 1800s. The pattern was introduced in 1876.

This is pattern no. 76 and it has a number of more commonly known aliases: Hobbs’ Centennial, Viking, Bearded Head, Bearded Prophet, and Old Man of the Mountain(s).

The piece stands approximately 6 1/4 inches from the table top to the top of the helmet. The diameter of the opening is 5 inches. I don’t know if this is a comport/compote, butter dish or cheese dish.

I gather from my handy dandy book – American Pattern Glass Table Sets by Cathy and Gene Florence – that pieces in this pattern include a butter dish, sugar with lid, creamer, spooner and celery vase.

The finial has the face on both sides and the feet are also decorated with the face.  Pretty neat piece!

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