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I was surprised when I came across this piece.  I didn’t know anything about it, but thought that it has to be related to the Corn Flower cutting.

Krista Taylor’s Canadian Identification & Price Guide to Corn Flower Glass (2003) provides some interesting information:

Supreme Aluminum Products of Scarborough, ON approached Hughes in 1961 and an exclusive arrangement was made to design and produce trays with the Corn Flower pattern in aluminum.  On February 23, 1962 the first trays were sold.  They were produced until 2982 and were sold out by November of 1984.

I have only seen two and the other was silver in colour without the blue powder (?) coating/paint.

The label says ‘Silhouette’.  Ms. Taylor reports that early boxes also had this name on it, so I can only assume this was a line name.

It’s a pretty neat piece and I think a great compliment to glass cut with this pattern.


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