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I have been posting the pretty amber pieces I bought recently at Twindmills.  This candlestick was included in the purchases.  Again I had no idea of its provenance, but I was attracted to its deep, rich dark amber colour.

I posted it on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook site and it took no time until someone posted an ID.  I would never have found it in a million years otherwise.

Turns out that it was made by S. Reich & Co.  According to the Cloud Glass Reference Site:

“S Reich & Co was founded in 1813 by Samuel Reich in  the town of Krasna, Czechoslova.”

The Glass Message Board has posted a number of the company’s catalogues.

The Facebooker who identified this piece also advised that this candlestick was part of a trinket set and kindly provided this link to the line of Viktoria products.  From this site I learned that…”The Viktoria set was introduced between 1925 & 1930 and is shown in the 1930 and 1934 Reich catalogues.”

I know very, very little (really nothing!) about European glass and am lucky that others share their knowledge.



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