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I bought the attractive glasses at the Twindmills Market in Colborne.  I have had my eyes on them for a long time.  We stop there regularly on the way to and from visiting the grandkids in Belleville.

Walked in the other day and the vendor had a great table full of amber glass on sale.  These, and two candlesticks, became mine!

I had been looking for them for ages, but as the song says……..”looking in all the wrong places!”

I posted them on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook group and someone had identified them in a very short time.

The pattern is called Theodule and they were made by Val. St. Lambert.  I know nothing about this company and would never have identified these pieces without help.  From Wikipedia –

Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian crystal glassware manufacturer, founded in 1826 and based in Seraing. It has the royal warrant of King Albert .”

The company is still in operation – http://www.val-saint-lambert.com/index.html

I found these items online and if various posters are accurate, these pieces were produced during the 1950s.

Don’t know if they would be wines or water goblets.  But they are a great colour of amber and very arresting looking.


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