American Glass, Champagnes, Depression, Elegant Glass, Sherberts

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Whenever we cross into the U.S via the Thousand Islands Bridge we make a stop in Watertown, N.Y.  There are a couple antique shops there to visit.

We have been several times to Old Jail Antiques.  It really WAS a jail of some sort and the old cells hold stuff of all kinds.

It is somewhat of a challenge to hunt in this store as things are piled willy nilly, generally nothing is clean and often the lights aren’t working.

However sometimes you find items of beauty.  I once found the most beautiful Czech piece with gorgeous painting and cutting.

This time I found the pretty pieces with the Lotus Springtime etch that I have already posted and these pieces of Cambridge Glass.

These are from line 3122 with platinum bands along the base and rim.  There is a medium to wide optic.  I think the details on the stem are very attractive.

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