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IMG_3560It seems appropriate to highlight this devilled egg tray over the weekend where eggs, albeit chocolate, are on the minds of lots of little ones.  I have a couple of these trays – one in peach lustre and this one in the delphite – and I have often marveled at the concept of a separate tray for eggs!  Although I must admit that it looks nice on the table with eggs on it!

I bought the book – Delphite & Jadite by Joe Keller & David Ross and learned a few interesting things:

  1.  That the opaque pieces of delphite/delfite/chaline are more expensive to collect, and harder to find than jadite, which I thought was expensive enough!
  2. Delphite was first introduced by McKee in the late 1920s.
  3. There are a number of distinct colours with chaline being a lighter, more vibrant shade of blue.
  4. Anchor Hocking’s pieces, produced under the Fire-King lines in the 1950s and 1960s were made in turquoise blue and azurite.  Azurite is a very pale blue which looks almost white in tint.IMG_3561

This tray is obviously Anchor Hocking’s turquoise.

This is a great book with lots of illustrations.  There are many pieces in both colours that I have never seen.

I love the fact that the bottom of the tray, although not seen when in use, has been so attractively fashioned.


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