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Westmoreland Lovebirds - perhapsWelcome back to myself!  I have been very lackadaisical about updating my poor blog.  As the Beatles said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy looking the other way!”

I have not been acquiring at the rate that I used to.  In fact I am trying to downsize my collections and have been repacking boxes in the garage, giving away stuff and putting stuff aside for Christmas gifts.  Having said that…there are still a few treasures to show off.

This particular covered dish is a case in point.  I bought it online.  It was advertised as a piece of Westmoreland glass.  I knew Westmoreland made a covered lovebirds dish, but I still wondered if this was accurate but didn’t have any reference materials to verify this.

I bought it anyway and then ordered a copy of the book Westmoreland Glass: 1950-1984 volumes 1 & 2 by Lorraine Kovar.

As it runs out Westmoreland made this piece in many colours.  But……there is a note in the book to say that it was also reproduced in the colour alexandrite.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but the dish is a pretty darkish pink or lilac, but it might be considered to be alexandrite.

I posted a query on the Everyday and Elegant Glass Forum, asking if this is alexandrite in anyone’s opinion.  I also asked who made Westmoreland Reproductions.  I had one respone that said that Dalzell/Viking had some lovebirds on ebay as well, but I don’t see any now.  I may try a glass forum to which I belong on Facebook.

In any event, I have a very pretty piece, that is Westmoreland in my mind and I have a neat, interesting book.


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