Geisha, Iced Tea, Japanese Maid, Plate Etched

Beaver Valley Geisha (2)I know I am forever saying – “Isn’t this so beautiful” OR “Isn’t this the most beautiful” etc., etc.  But this REALLY IS so beautiful.

I have long longed for this piece, ever since I saw a photo in The Collector’s Beaver Valley GeishaEncyclopedia of Fry Glassware.  I had never seen it ‘live’.

I came across it on Etsy and thought – “Yahoo!”  I contacted the seller, who was in the process of moving and couldn’t find the cup.  Then he had thought it was lost. Then he found it, and now it is mine – yahoo again!

I’ve seen this etch called Japanese maid, Japan Maid and Geisha.  It also comes etched on a teapot and a jug.  I’d love to put my hands on those too.  In the interim, this is a keeper!  Hopefully I can acquire Beaver Valley Geisha (3)others.

I’ve played with the image so that the etch can be more easily seen.  It is very delicate.

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