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Jeannette Cherry Blossom salt & PepprMy guy went to an auction last night.  He came home with as variety of ‘things’ including a few pieces of glass.

I was excited to easily identify these as Jeannette’s Cherry Blossom salt & pepper shakers.

However…..today I read up on fake, reproduced Cherry Blossom pieces on the National Depression Glass site.  The information in this article leads me to believe that these pieces are 1977 reproductions.  Although they likely are still 36 years old, they are not the pieces from the 1930s.  It appears that they salt and pepper shakers are extremely rare and only two sets, in pink, have been verified.

They are cute and I am sure that someone who loves pink glass will want these!  My cross-the street-neighbour is a fan.  Maybe a Mother’ Day gift!

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