Czechoslovakia, Decanter, Needle Etch

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Bohemia Queen's Lace Decanter

Could be Bohemia Crystal in the Etoile pattern. Another identification to consider (March 23, 2015)


Original Post – April 7, 2014


I have posted this pattern a few times. At one time I wondered if this could be a pattern that I have seen called Cleo, and also called Massenet, through online sources.  The company to which it was attributed is Saint-Louis Crystal.

I have few resources about European glass/crystal manufacturers, so I poked around the ‘net a bit.  This is what Saint-Louis’ site says:

“By letters patent dated 1767, Louis XV gave Münzthal the prestigious name of Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis Royal Glassworks). Fifteen years later, the formula for producing crystal was discovered by François de Beaufort. The Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis was renamed the Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis.”

The decoration on this decanter is fine, but I don’t think the glass nor the decoration are particularly high quality.  So…the mystery continues.  I still think this pattern is Bohemian Queen’s Lace…..or close enough!


Original March 3, 2013 posting.

Bohemia Crystal Queen's Lace (2)I have posted this etch before as I have the pattern in a number of pieces.  These two are recently acquired.

However, over on the  Elegant and Everyday Glass Forum there was an interesting discussion about the various companies, American and European, that made very similar etches.Bohemia Crystal Queen's Lace (3)

As you can see, from the label, these are definitely European.  I will have to look at my pieces again as they are on different blanks/shapes.

Bohemia Crystal Queen's LaceThe Great Glass website identifies the label as coming from:

GlassExport, Prague, Czechoslovakia (19502-1970s)(known to have exported glassware from Železný Brod).

Always something to learn!

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