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Portieux Vallerysthal White Vase (3)As stated (below) I had regrets that I sold my blue vase and eventually I did replace it with another one in blue.

I found out that they were made in other colours as well and I bought this one in white/cream/custard.  It is slightly shorter than the blue vase, but just as gorgeous.

I ‘think’ there is one in green, but wouldn’t bet money on it.  If so, however, I ‘have’ to have one.

The Canadian/US dollar exchange rate is brutal however, so it could be awhile!


This post – February 14, 2014

Portieux Vallerysthal VaseI know this sounds silly, but every so often I sell a piece of glass and it makes me feel a twinge of regret.  This is one of those pieces.  I have had it for almost a year and a half now.  I can’t recall how long it has been for sale, but it’s been awhile.

I could never understand why it didn’t sell.  I thought this would be snatched up right away.  It is a gorgeous piece.  The colour is very attractive and the details are most interesting.  Maybe the photo didn’t really represent the vase well enough.Portieux Vallerysthal Vase (2)

It has been a fixture on my “blue’ shelf……..my shelf of blue glass……and I will miss seeing it there.  Yes, I know I didn’t have to sell it.  But…..now there will be space for another blue piece.  Well, at least for awhile.

The only good thing, is that anyone reading this post likely has their own glass ‘thing’ and will completely understand!

It is heading off to beautiful British Columbia.  I hope the buyer enjoys it!


Original September 3, 2012 posting

This weekend we moved my youngest from one apartment to another in Ottawa.  We took the scenic route home and stopped at a few shops en route.  We went into a great antique market in Perth.  What a neat little town, definitely worth a longer visit.

I was taken with this pretty blue vase.  Didn’t know a thing about it, but liked the goat’s heads on the sides.

I posted the photo on the Elegant and Everyday Glass Forum site and a gentleman indicated that he thought (subject to verification) that the piece is as I’ve indicated – French,  and perhaps 1907/1908.

Whatever – it is pretty and I will enjoy it.

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