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When I first posted this in May I couldn’t identify it.  I am pleased to be able to do so now.  Yesterday I was in Waterloo at the St. Jacobs Antique Store when I picked up the Encyclopedia of Paden City Glass by Carrie and Jerry Domitz.  I didn’t necessarily think I had any Paden City glass but I like to be able to recognize pieces that I might buy, or perhaps have.

Lo and behold I saw this etch as I was leafing through the book.  I was surprised to discover that it is a needle etch.  I thought it likely to be plate etching.  The authors say, “This is probably the last pattern that would have been identified as Paden City.”  They also say that this pattern is unlike any other done by Paden City.

They just call this piece a tumbler and not a juice glass.  Interestingly I came across this etch, only for the second time, in St. Jacobs at an Antique Market.  The pieces were stems – sherberts and wines.  I looked at them (can’t recall the price, but I think they were costly) but didn’t buy as I don’t like to collect a lot of pieces in a pattern if I don’t know what it is.  Now of course, I’d like to have a second look!

These stems aren’t mentioned in the book.


A few weeks ago my hubby and I went on an antiquing adventure.  We stopped into a large, multi-vendor shop in Glen Valley (Halton Hills).  I wish I could remember the name!

We’d been there a year or so ago.  A self-propelled police car was acquired for the Man Cave.  I think I bought something, but again, can’t quite recall what it/they was/were.

I wandered through this shop.  It is large and has something for everyone.  I picked up a number of pieces including 6 or 8 of these glasses.  I don’t know the etch – have never come across it.  It has an art deco appearance.

The vendors were at their booth and I asked if they knew the provenance.  The lady said that they had belonged to her mother, but didn’t know anything about them other than they were old.

I have a couple other etches in this size and shaped blank.  I assume that they are juice glasses, although I suppose they could be used for liqueurs.  They have a subtle optic.

I’m guessing that these are early twentieth century, but really….they could have been made yesterday.  Hope someone out there takes pity on me and lets me know!


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