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001I was in Denver recently. It is a beautiful city set in beautiful surroundings.  There is a strip of antique stores on South Broadway and the area is coined “Antiques Row”.  I trolled the shops but didn’t buy any new pieces of glass.

However….I have recently been thinking about this stem.  I came across a pattern that resembled this particular etch at Replacements.com awhile back when I was searching for an identification for another piece.  It is what they are calling BAC61 by Baccarat.  I’ve gone back and forth on the etch for ages.  The blank is not the same, but the designs are very close.  I don’t have the glass at hand to compare as it is likely in a box in the garage.  But they do look very similar.

Patterns always look slightly different on differing shapes of course.  But…..perhaps this piece is no longer an unknown.

Original post – April 6, 2012

002 (4)I’ve never seen this etch before.  I picked this single glass up recently.  The bowl is small – likely a sherry, but it is still tall.  It has a very attractive stem.  I know I’ve seen the stem before, but just can’t place the company.  It kind of reminds me of stems that I have that are imports from Europe.  I’d love to hear from someone about the provenance.

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