S. Reich & Co. Amber Glass Candle Holder – Viktoria Pattern


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I have been posting the pretty amber pieces I bought recently at Twindmills.  This candlestick was included in the purchases.  Again I had no idea of its provenance, but I was attracted to its deep, rich dark amber colour.

I posted it on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook site and it took no time until someone posted an ID.  I would never have found it in a million years otherwise.

Turns out that it was made by S. Reich & Co.  According to the Cloud Glass Reference Site:

“S Reich & Co was founded in 1813 by Samuel Reich in  the town of Krasna, Czechoslova.”

The Glass Message Board has posted a number of the company’s catalogues.

The Facebooker who identified this piece also advised that this candlestick was part of a trinket set and kindly provided this link to the line of Viktoria products.  From this site I learned that…”The Viktoria set was introduced between 1925 & 1930 and is shown in the 1930 and 1934 Reich catalogues.”

I know very, very little (really nothing!) about European glass and am lucky that others share their knowledge.



Tiffin Glass Candlestick Holder – No. 76


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I bought this piece along with a few others at the Twindmill Markets in Colborne.  The vendor had set up a nice table with quite a few pieces of amber, with a 30% off price and it definitely caught my eye.  The different shades of amber were also interesting to see.

I have had alot of help identifying the pieces.  I found this candlestick in The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Glass Candlesticks (p. 139) by Margaret and Doug Archer.  The only problem was that there were two that looked very much alike – one by Paden City (No. 117) and this one by Tiffin Glass (No. 76).

I turned to the experts at the Elegant and Everyday Glass Forum for some advice.  The opinion of two folks that responded was that the Paden City pieces are smaller than the Tiffin piece and that this was likely Tiffin.  This candlestick stands 9- 9 1/8 inches tall.  .

This is a great site from which to seek advice.  Lots of well-informed folks monitor and administer this website.

Subsequently I have seen online that these candlesticks were part of a set with a console bowl.

Paden City also made this piece in amber, but with gold trim

Val St Lambert – Theodule in Amber


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I bought the attractive glasses at the Twindmills Market in Colborne.  I have had my eyes on them for a long time.  We stop there regularly on the way to and from visiting the grandkids in Belleville.

Walked in the other day and the vendor had a great table full of amber glass on sale.  These, and two candlesticks, became mine!

I had been looking for them for ages, but as the song says……..”looking in all the wrong places!”

I posted them on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook group and someone had identified them in a very short time.

The pattern is called Theodule and they were made by Val. St. Lambert.  I know nothing about this company and would never have identified these pieces without help.  From Wikipedia –

Val Saint Lambert is a Belgian crystal glassware manufacturer, founded in 1826 and based in Seraing. It has the royal warrant of King Albert .”

The company is still in operation – http://www.val-saint-lambert.com/index.html

I found these items online and if various posters are accurate, these pieces were produced during the 1950s.

Don’t know if they would be wines or water goblets.  But they are a great colour of amber and very arresting looking.