Fostoria Etched Glass Candy Dish – Italian Lace / Gold Lace


Baroque, Candy Dish, Compote, Etched Glass, Floral Etch, Gold Lace, Italian Lace, Plate Etched

I picked up this little dish in Florida recently.  Recognized the Baroque stem (line #2496) but didn’t know the etch.

I have read that the floral etch was called Italian Lace initially and then Gold Lace at a later date. It was produced from 1938-1942.

The rims had gilt on them, but much on my piece has been worn away on the top edge and has loss spots on the base rim.  I bet the gold enhanced the piece.  It’s still cute!

Central Glass Golden Sapphire Center Handle Server – Line 1450


Center Handle Server, Colored Glass, Coloured Glass, Depression, Yellow Glass

I have said it before and nothing seems to have changed – I am fascinated by these servers!  Don’t know why, perhaps they represent the ‘civilized’ times of having tiny sandwiches and pastries on the table.

In any event, I was in Florida recently and had a grand time wandering through thrift and antique stores.  I picked up a number of pieces that I have not yet photographed, including a few unknowns.

The handle of this pretty piece grabbed my interest as I had never seen such a piece.  I didn’t know what it was, but my handy dandy reference book – A Guide to Identification of Glass Center Handle Servers by Inez J. Austin – provided the name.

The name of the colour – Golden Sapphire is very pretty.  It is actually a delicate tint, but looks different depending on the colour of the piece it is sitting on.