Fostoria Atlanta Compote with Lots of Lion Heads – Line #500


EAPG, Lion Heads, Pattern Glass, Pressed Glass

I have a small sauce dish (I think and which I realize I don’t think I have ever posted) and have long wanted a larger piece so that you can really see the lions.  I came across this piece last weekend in St. Jacobs at the St. Jacobs Antiques Market.  I was very surprised to see it.  It was not very expensive, but I hesitated for a few minutes, but realized that I would be super, super sorry if I didn’t scoop it up!

I have only ever seen this piece online and didn’t realize that the finial had two faces!

I really love the lions on the finial, the corners of the foot and on the corners of the dish.

The book American Pattern Glass Table Sets by Gene and Cathy Florence has some information on this line.  They say (page 75) that the pattern is also known as Clear Lion Head, Frosted Atlanta, Late Lion, Square Lion and Square Lion Heads.  They also state that the pattern was introduced in 1895 and that it was produced in crystal and crystal with frost (plain or etched).

I would love to know why it is called “Atlanta”.  If anyone knows, please share.


Update to Indiana Milk Glass Compote #1007 Lotus Blossom or Tulip


Compote, Creamer, Line 1007, Milk glass, Sugar bowl


I picked up this sugar/creamer set awhile back and had no luck identifying it.  I saw it online also unidentified.  I finally got around to posting it on a Facebook Group to which I belong – Vintage Glass Identification – and someone responded with the ID very quickly.

I was quite surprised to discover that this set was from the same line as the compote below.  Never crossed my mind to make the connection.

It is so great to have a veritable world of people to help you out with your questions.

September 7, 2012

I have this compote in green.  Picked this one up during my July travels in the States.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have found that this is line, or pattern, #1007 and is described as ‘Tulip” or tulip-shaped.  The compote comes in quite a number of colours – iridescent, amber, blue, frosted blue – at least.

I’ve seen it in blue, in the flesh.  Very pretty.

Westmoreland (?) Milkglass / Milkglass Lion on Nest / Basket


Animals in Glass, Lion, Milk glass, Milkglass

I have seen this piece online in the past.  It has been identified as Westmoreland, but I do no know if this is true.  If someone else does that would be great.  It is not signed, but has the number ‘3’ in the bottom of the base.

I only have the reference – Westoreland Glass 1950-1984 by Lorraine Kovar.  This piece is not represented.  No surprise as I think it was made earlier.

In any event it is a neat piece.  I like the cheeky expression on the lion’s face.  The paint is worn off but it obviously was decorated with dark brown or green in the past.