Unknown Line with Unknown Etch


Cordial, Liqueur, Needle Etch, Plate Etched, Sherry

I have stopped buying, for the most part, small liqueur, cordial or sherry glasses.  No one want to use these small glasses any longer.

However these glasses are very pretty.  I haven’t been able to identify them.  For some reason I think they are European.  They have a similar shape and ‘feel’ to pieces of Baccarat that I have identified in the past.

As always, if anyone knows anything about this glass i would be grateful for the information.

Paden City Line #900 with Hughes Corn Flower Decoration


Candle Holder, Corn Flower, Cornflower


While I generally no longer pick up anything with the Corn Flower decoration, I couldn’t resist this pair of candle holders.  I saw them in this neat antique store – Funk & Gruven A-Z – in Belleville.

They are from Paden City’s line #900, although they are referred to as “Comet”, Paden City’s line #777.  I guess the comet-like head and tail gave rise to the nickname.  I saw the shape also referred to as “comma” like as well.

They are nice and solid and quite lovely.

Macbeth-Evans Pink Salver in the American Sweetheart Pattern


Colored Glass, Coloured Glass, Depression, Floral, Pink Glass, Platter, Salver


I normally don’t fall for pink glass, and neither am I a big buyer of non-Elegant Depression glass.  But the design on this piece was pretty.  I have tried to show the centre although it is hard to see.  But it reminds me of a great, big snowflake and, despite my aversion for snow and winter, ( it is snowing and blustery as I type!), I liked the pattern!

I didn’t know what it was, but my handy dandy Warman’s Depression Glass field guide had the pattern on page 57 (3rd edition).  According to Warman’s the manufacturing range listed was 1930-1936.  Colours produced included blue, Monax, pink and red. Limited production in Cremax and colour-trimmed Monax.

This is the 12 inch salver.

Here’s an interesting article about American Sweetheart by Kathy Eickholt on the National Depression Glass Association website.

I don’t think that I have knowingly owned anything else by Macbeth-Evans of Charleroi, Pennsylvania.  And…..I didn’t know where Charleroi is.

According to Wikipedia:

“Charleroi (/ˈʃɔːlərɔɪ/ shaw-lə-roy) is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, along the Monongahela River, 21 miles south of Pittsburgh.[ Charleroi was settled in 1890 and incorporated in 1891.[2] The 2010 census recorded a population of 4,120.”

For a brief history of the company check out this post on The Lampworks’ website.  As an aside, I found The Lampworks’ site to be interesting on its own.  I hope that I am able to visit some day.