Ram’s Head Bowls & Candle Holders


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I was (and still am) thrilled to have acquired this piece, line 432 in Peach Blo.  It is very pretty.







March 31, 2018

While I am still looking for colours in line 432 I did come across this pretty amber piece – line 3500/27.

Almost had a line on a Tuscan bowl in line 3500/25 but I misunderstood the rules of the live online auction and it was sold to some other lucky collector!


January 5, 2017

Happy, happy, happy!  Have looked a long time for the line #432 bowl in ebony with gold decorations.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Missed one in Tuscan (pink) recently.  That’s on my radar now however.


October 23, 2016

This one is line 3500/26. I don’t know for sure what shade of blue this is.  Cambridge made a number of different transparent blues.  I am guessing that this is ‘Willow Blue’….but don’t know for sure.




Last update – November 28, 2015

Cambridge Ivory Rams Head BowlHappy, happy, happy.  Gorgeous ivory.

Glows a pretty green under a black light.

Now on to the ebony or tuscan!




November 9, 2015

Tuscan Rams Head CandleI figured I should add the Tuscan candle holder.  Maybe posting it will ‘attract’ a bowl!



November 9, 2015

Woo hoo…..I finally acquired a bowl in Helio.  I have seen a few of these online and while I never was able to justify the cost of buying another, I just bought it.  If I had to wait to justify it, it would never have been purchased.Cambridge Helio Rams Head Bowl

According to the book Colors in Cambridge Glass II by the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. Helio was introduced in January 1923.  The book goes on to day that Helio was likely only produced for two years.  So this piece was made in 1924 at the latest.

Obtaining bowls in the colours  I don’t own will be more difficult.  I have seen the Tuscan bowl advertised at an online auction, but have never seen any other colours for sale online or in person.  I’d love to get them in the ebony and the ivory (at least).


Cambridge #432 Jade

Last one, so far…….This is the jade with gold details.  The colour isn’t well reproduced here, but it is lovely.

I am looking for one in ebony.  Haven’t come across one.  I let one in helio (pinky/purple) ‘get’ away.  Still cross about it!

I bought one Rams Head single candle holder in the Tuscan pink.  Unfortunately, due to complete idiocy, I had it sent to my daughter’s house – 2,000 miles away.  I am visiting in June and am looking forward to picking it up.

February 13, 2015 Update

IMG_3200I added to my rams head bowl collection recently.  Another bowl – line #3500/432.  This piece is Cambridge’s Azurite colour.

Here’s an article by Lynn Welker on Azurite pieces by Cambridge.

Very pretty!


October 19, 2014 Update

002This pretty cobalt (Aurora Jewels) console set was made by Imperial Glass.  The bowl has Imperial’s “IG” signature.  Imperial bought the moulds from Cambridge, when it closed, in the 1960s.  Imperial only made the set in cobalt.














Most Recent Post – October 7, 2014

Cambridge Clear Ram's Head BowlI have recently added a few ram’s head items to my collections.  I have some thoughts about accumulating them for awhile and just displaying them in my office.

I don’t know why I find them so interesting.  The details aren’t pretty.  In fact they are somewhat ominous.  But….I like them.  Cambridge Clear Ram's Head Bowl (5)

This is Cambridge’s line #3500/27.  The item below is line #3500/432.


Original Post December 8, 2013

Cambridge Rams Head Bowl in Rubina (2)I have long longed for a Rams Head Bowl.  Over the years I have coveted them in azurite (absolutely gorgeous) or in crystal with an etch of some sort.  The first one I saw had Fostoria’s Elaine etch.  But they were just too darned expensive.

Recently I came across this piece online on Etsy.  I ‘favourited it”, but never really entertained any thoughts of buying it.

A couple weeks ago I was reading an article in the newspaper that spoke about people buying gifts for themselves at Christmas time. Cambridge Rams Head Bowl in RubinaThe suggestion was that folks are getting over their guilt at treating themselves when they are shopping for others. Obviously this is quite true as I took possession of this bowl yesterday.  I am glad I did!

This is what Russell Vogelsand said in an 1978 article called Cambridge Rubina:

“This fine color line of Cambridge Glass was introduced to the public January 25, 1925.

The new glass is not one color, but a natural three or more tone glass, in                which the predominating shades are red, green and blue. Each tone is                      diverging into the other.”

I wanted to show how the colours blend so I took photos from the different angles, including a look at the base.Cambridge Rams Head Bowl in Rubina 3

I gather these pieces are not plentiful and that the rams head bowl is rare to find.  I consider myself lucky.  It is gorgeous and at least at this point in time, is a keeper.

S. Reich & Co. Amber Glass Candle Holder – Viktoria Pattern


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I have been posting the pretty amber pieces I bought recently at Twindmills.  This candlestick was included in the purchases.  Again I had no idea of its provenance, but I was attracted to its deep, rich dark amber colour.

I posted it on the Vintage Glass Identification Facebook site and it took no time until someone posted an ID.  I would never have found it in a million years otherwise.

Turns out that it was made by S. Reich & Co.  According to the Cloud Glass Reference Site:

“S Reich & Co was founded in 1813 by Samuel Reich in  the town of Krasna, Czechoslova.”

The Glass Message Board has posted a number of the company’s catalogues.

The Facebooker who identified this piece also advised that this candlestick was part of a trinket set and kindly provided this link to the line of Viktoria products.  From this site I learned that…”The Viktoria set was introduced between 1925 & 1930 and is shown in the 1930 and 1934 Reich catalogues.”

I know very, very little (really nothing!) about European glass and am lucky that others share their knowledge.



Tiffin Glass Candlestick Holder – No. 76


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I bought this piece along with a few others at the Twindmill Markets in Colborne.  The vendor had set up a nice table with quite a few pieces of amber, with a 30% off price and it definitely caught my eye.  The different shades of amber were also interesting to see.

I have had alot of help identifying the pieces.  I found this candlestick in The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Glass Candlesticks (p. 139) by Margaret and Doug Archer.  The only problem was that there were two that looked very much alike – one by Paden City (No. 117) and this one by Tiffin Glass (No. 76).

I turned to the experts at the Elegant and Everyday Glass Forum for some advice.  The opinion of two folks that responded was that the Paden City pieces are smaller than the Tiffin piece and that this was likely Tiffin.  This candlestick stands 9- 9 1/8 inches tall.  .

This is a great site from which to seek advice.  Lots of well-informed folks monitor and administer this website.

Subsequently I have seen online that these candlesticks were part of a set with a console bowl.

Paden City also made this piece in amber, but with gold trim