Hocking White and Pink Candle Holder – Oyster and Pearl


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I am not a huge fan of ‘pink’ but thought that these pieces (there are two) were interesting.  This pair of pretty pink and white glass candle holders was made by Hocking Glass from Lancaster, Ohio.

The pieces are opaque white (Vitrock) with a fired on painted pink base. You can see the ‘beaded’ decorations – the ‘pearls’ I suppose.  Not sure where the ‘oyster’ can be found.

Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite – Red / Salmon and White


Colored Glass, Coloured Glass, Creamer, Plate, Platonite, Saucers, White Glass

I wish I could remember where I bought these pieces creamer, two saucers and a small plate.  I do know it was on our spring road trip through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana and I can recall the shop, but not the location.  Oh well, I guess is really doesn’t matter.

I saw these pieces and remembered them from a book I have.  I’d never seen them before, nor since.

The lines on the saucers differ in colour.  One is a deep red and one looks more like a salmon.  It doesn’t look like the colour has faded – looks original.  I don’t know if it was meant to be red, or if pinkish salmon was also made.

Platonite is the name of the glass I think.  Moderntone is the line (again, I think).

These are not Depression pieces, but made in the late forties/early fifties.

My book shows this line with willow designs in red and blue.  Very pretty.  I like the cobalt willow decoration and would love to see these.