Off on a road trip

Off today on a road trip to Washington, D.C.  I love travelling in the U.S.  So many beautiful things to see, the people are so friendly AND so many great thrift and antique shops!

I am thrilled that we will be stopping in Bridgeport, West Virginia for two nights so that I can visit the Museum of American Glass in Weston, West Virginia.

Although I am not in the ‘market’ for anything new….who knows….I am bound to find a treasure or two to profile here upon our return.

Amberina Centre Handle Server


Amberina, Center Handle Server, Colored Glass, Coloured Glass, Red Glass

Amberina Centre handled Server (2)Last Saturday we took a drive out to the Orono Antiques Street Festival.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out wandering.  Lots of folks out shopping.

I only bought two items, and one of them was a piece of linen and the other was another centre handle server (not yet photographed).

I bought this server recently, although I can’t recall where I got it.  I have been in and out of antique stores and thrift shops alot in the last couple of weeks. Likely at St. Jacobs Antiques Market as I know I had a box full last weekend.Amberina Centre handled Server (5)

In any event I have quite a number of these servers.  I know that ‘folks in the know’ can often recognize the manufacturer by the shape of the handle.  I am NOT one of those folk but I haven’t yet made any serious attempt to figure out an ID.

I don’t know why I pick up these servers as I rarely use them.  But….this one has such a bright colour that you can’t help but look at it.  Makes a table look cheery.

Yellow Tiffin Glass Candle Holders with Juno Etch


Candle Holder, Colored Glass, Coloured Glass, Plate Etched, Yellow Glass

Tiffin Glass Candle Holder with Juno Etch (2)When I saw these recently I thought that I recognized the etch as one of the ‘poppy’ etches that I have seen.  As it turned out….this was an etch with which I was unfamiliar. cites a production range of 1926-1931 and indicates that the line number is 348.   I gather that the pieces came in clear, pink and green as well.

The listings in the Replacements database appear to indicate that tableware was produced with this etch as opposed to stemware.

I do not have particularly great Tiffin references and all I can find online, for the most part, is this information.

Nice and bright.