Update to…….Duncan & Miller Compote – Canterbury Line – #115


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Pretty three section candy dish in the same line, with same etch.



May 19, 2018

This pretty etched pattern – Language of Flowers # 5331 – was a popular pattern of Duncan & Miller.  According to Replacements.com the pattern was produced from 1942-1955.

New Martinsville Glass Three Part Relish Dish with Etch #26 – Meadow Wreath


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I picked this pretty piece up somewhere in Arizona.  I have a number of etched relish dishes, which for some reason I never use.  I do have a friend however who likes serving ware as a gift.  I had her in mind when I bought it.

I learned from the great Elegant and Everyday Glass Forum that the handles are called Georgian.  I also learned that an ad for this relish was found in James Measell’s book, New Martinsville Glass, 1900-1944, which identified this relish as line number 37. Other New Martinsville company ads also identified another pattern as 37.  The poster in the Forum identifies this particular piece as 37/4.

The large baskets of flowers in the etch are very pretty.  I have a bowl, and a creamer/sugar set with this etch, but it looks different on the different shapes.  Pretty, regardless of the shape, though.